What is a facade clock?

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A facade clock is and has always been an integrated and important accessory of buildings all around the world, especially for community buildings such as shopping centers, museums, theatres, operas or universities. A facade clock inspires sophistication and elegance, whether it has a vintage or modern design. IS TIME is one of the best facade clock producers in Turkey, providing a great variety of choices of models and designs to match with every building.

What is the role?

The aim of facade clocks is to harmonize the whole aspect and appearance of a building. Generally, they are placed on the upper exterior walls of a building and act as landmarks or points of reference for people. For universities, a clock on its walls means reliability, while for a shopping center, it means sophistication. A facade clock will always catch the attention of passers-by and there are huge possibilities that the building will remain in their memory due to the existence of the clock.

Features are characteristics

IS TIME produces high-quality clocks with a modern and automatic mechanism of functionality. According to the aim of the clock, it can have features of illumination, color changing or audio extensions. For the lighted clocks, a chosen number of LEDs can be placed on the back, on the halo or on the edges. The high quality of our production guarantees durability and many years of smooth functionality, no matter the environment in which the clock is exposed.

A wide variety of designs

Our experienced team has discovered that nowadays, people prefer equally both modern and vintage clocks. The modern architecture is not so modern anymore and very often, new buildings adopt a vintage aspect. Therefore, IS TIME has everything for everyone. Our facade clock price is one of the most competitive prices on the market, due to its affordability, remarkable design and great quality, all in one product.

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