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An outdoor clock is the visiting card of the place where the clock is found. Many people underrate the importance of an outdoor clock in public areas, unable to understand their great meaning and influence on different outdoor areas. The truth is that clocks are more than simple timekeeping devices, they have esthetical purposes and sometimes they can become famous touristic monuments. A good example is Big Ben in the United Kingdom, whose value is indubitable. Setting our aim to create timeless pieces of art, IS TIME is a big outdoor clock manufacturer Turkey with a great experience in both high-quality and design. Because a great outdoor clock manufacturer is the one whose clocks resemble with pieces of art, we made sure that our team of designers would always create outdoor clocks that have distinct and unique features.

Timeless and elegance

A street clock manufacturer has an important mission and responsibility regarding the durability of the clocks and their unique designs. Because outdoors clocks are exposed to harsh environmental conditions and sometimes even vandalism, we are committed to manufacturing clocks of top quality and resistance against all kinds of aversions. That is why we are a responsible and experienced outdoor clock manufacturer in Turkey. We have a large variety of designs and models in our portfolio, and our customers have the change to customize the clock in accordance with their desires: front LEDs or backlight, vintage or modern style, single or multiple dials, made of metal or wooden. All of our outdoor clocks have high durability and astonishing designs. They are perfect for enhancing the atmosphere of gardens, courtyards, operas, parks, university campuses, schools, governmental buildings or even shopping centers. Crowded areas have always been marked off the presence of tower clocks. Without them, our lives will be not only chaotic but also empty of art, elegance, and sophistication.

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WCM Group’s clock production brand IS-TIME has founded in 1999. The adventure of watchmaking has begin as a craftsmanship in a modest workshop and become a professional service are with a rapid development process of IS-TIME. Please contact us for more information about our outdoor clock production.

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