Street Clocks

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We can imagine that a street clock or an outdoor clock is like an accessory for the city, designed to animate and to give meaning to the surroundings. These clocks have been existing in our lives for many decades and today their importance is aligned more with the aesthetic purposes rather than functionality. IS TIME is a great and important street clock manufacturer Turkey which produces high standard quality clocks.

What do we offer?

IS TIME is a street clock manufacturer which produces a wide range of outdoor clocks, of different shapes, sizes, colors, and designs. Our clocks are available with standard or special dial lettering, customized hands and different graphics. As an outdoor clock must be visible during the night, we offer LED backlighting or edge lighting, in accordance with the design of the watch. They are fully equipped, having one, two or four dials available.

Usage and functionality

In the last decade, people have turned their attention back to these small monuments and have started to consider them as important elements of the city life. A street clock can be used in many ways, not only as a decoration of streets or squares. They have great functionality in golf and country clubs, in universities or banks, while the ones placed in the streets serve as beautiful architectural monuments.

Great quality for long living

In general, our clocks are made of aluminum, which is a very strong and durable material. It will guarantee a long life, which will not require reparations and other interventions for many long years. Moreover, the glass of the dial is made of the best material, which will not get yellow in time because of the radiations of the sun. The painting is durable and resistant as well since the clocks are exposed to harsh environments and even to vandalism sometimes.

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