Wooden Clock Manufacturer

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Whether it is placed over a living room, kitchen, or hallway wall, a decorative wooden wall clock will literally transform the design of the room in a luxury and elegant atmosphere. A wooden clock is more than a time measurement design, it is a sophisticated accessory designed to add style to your home. IS TIME is a wooden clock manufacturer Turkey with nearly 20 years of experience in manufacturing wooden and metal clocks.

Plenty of choices in terms of design

Our experienced team has constantly improved in designing the best clocks for everyone’s taste. Therefore, we offer a wide variety of wooden clock designs, modern and vintage as well. A wooden clock will immediately catch people’s attention, that is why we invest all of our knowledge in great and customized designs. The dials, hands, and inscriptions are available in many colors and models.

Our number one goal

As one of the best clock manufacturers in Turkey, our number one goal is to create the perfect wooden clock for your house, that exceeds your expectations, in terms of functionality and aesthetics as well. A great wooden clock plays an important role in a home environment, bringing wonder and pleasure to people’s eyes. When a wooden clock hangs on a wall, it adds an air of luxury and refinement to the entire atmosphere of the room.

Our quality goals

Since clocks have an important role in people’s lives, we consider the quality of our products as one of the most important aspects. On these lines, our clocks are designed to be durable and long-living. Our aim is to manufacture high-quality clocks that offer for many years the most reliable and accurate time-telling, without the necessity of reparations. That is why we are one of the most trustable clock manufacturers in Turkey, that brings into your home and on the streets the most beautiful and qualitative clocks.

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