Sometimes we look at the sun’s movements in the sky, sometimes we follow the shadows to be able to measure it. At the beginning it was enough to predict the time of rain and now but when seasons began to give direction to our lives, we needed smaller time units. So clocks which are showing us where time is flowing with minutes and seconds become an indispensable part of our lives.

WCM Group’s clock production brand IS-TIME has founded in 1999. The adventure of watchmaking has begin as a craftsmanship in a modest workshop and become a professional service are with a rapid development process of IS-TIME.

IS-TIME has become a manufacturer company that sets the standards of the sector with its designs that offer high imagination, functionality together with aesthetics.

Our mission is being a company which provides high quality and top level professional service concept to its customers and which determines the standards of industry.

Our vision is being a brand that carries its domestic success to abroad and going beyond the time with its designs.