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Since the invention of time measurement, clocks have always been more than simple home accessories or decorations. For example, a tower clock for home is a symbol of majesty, luxury, and sophistication. IS TIME is a tower clock manufacturer Turkey whose mission is to spread all around the country and over the seas, high-quality clocks which go beyond their functionality and are actually considered fine pieces of art and delight to the eyes.

The greatest symbol of the cities

Our beautiful and timeless clocks embellish many important places all over Turkey, such as universities, operas, squares, governmental buildings or shopping centers. With the desire of creating timeless pieces of art, we are keeping in our mind that one of the most visited monuments in Britain and the symbol of English people is a tower clock.

tower clock manufacturerTime for sophistication

As a great and important tower clock manufacturer, we have been producing top quality clocks for home and for outdoors for more than 20 years. Our clocks carry much value and sophistication within and add great meaning to the places in which they are installed. We are a tower clock manufacturer whose portfolio contains a wide range of clocks, of different designs, models and color. Check our portfolio to find the most suitable tower clock for sale for your home or outdoors places in your city. A tower clock manufacturer means a huge responsibility for the places out the clock is going to embellish. For this matter, we manufacture customized tower clocks in lines with our customer’s desires. Because clocks are not only simple timekeeping devices but real reference points and sometimes touristic attractions, IS TIME is a tower clock manufacturer that works together with a specialized team of designers, in order to create perfect clocks for any type of environment: a cozy home, an elegant opera hall, an office environment or a university garden.

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WCM Group’s clock production brand IS-TIME has founded in 1999. The adventure of watchmaking has begin as a craftsmanship in a modest workshop and become a professional service are with a rapid development process of IS-TIME. Please contact us for more information about our outdoor clock production.

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