What is a tower clock?

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In the past, a tower clock had a very important purpose for the inhabitants of a settlement. As most people did not have watches before the middle of 20th century, the time for working, resting, praying or attending different events was suggested by a tower clock with bells, usually placed in the middle of big squares. Today, a tower clock is mostly appreciated by its aesthetics. IS TIME is a tower clock manufacturer Turkey which is committed to bringing back to life the trend of these clocks, with modern designs and functionalities.

Features and characteristics

IS TIME produces a wide variety of clock towers, of different shapes, designs and utilization in order to perfectly fit in different environments and match with all types of surroundings. You can find on our website the perfect tower clock for sale, no matter if it is a freestanding structure or it is an addition to another building or tower.

Great design for success

Our great team is constantly working on the concepts of modernity and vintage styles as well so that our products are always in line with the nowadays preferences. Some people prefer to buy a tower clock for home, others as a reference for important buildings. No matter what the choice is, a tower clock will always be a landmark of prosperity, sophistication, authority, and power.

A landmark for society

The most important buildings and historical monuments are defined by clock towers. For example, the Elizabeth Tower which houses the famous Big Ben. As these clocks are essential for the aspect and importance of a building or square, IS TIME offers you lots of choices and designs for your future landmark. In this way, your house or a square in the town will also enroll the list of landmarks for a neighborhood, a city, a country, and why not for the whole society?

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