Tower Clock Producer in Turkey

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Tower clocks are widely used in central locations of cities all over the world. Tower clocks have been a commonly used symbols of many cities for years. As a tower clock producer, we have been producing our custom design tower clocks since 1999. We offer fabrication, maintenance and repair services for our tower clocks with our professional staff as the tower clock producer. Our experienced team has an artisan vision as a tower clock producer team. Outdoor tower clocks bring a stylish new vibe to a city by combining architecture and a beautiful contrast at the place they are located in.

About Us

WCM Factory Inc. is a part of WCM Group and it operates in the field of metal production. Our company has succesfully completed numerous private and public projects in Turkey and abroad. As a tower clock producer in Turkey, our firm has nearly 20 years of experience in the manufacturing of metal products field. All the projects our firm undertakes operate in 4000 m² production facilities in Hadımköy, İstanbul, Turkey. As a tower clock producer in Turkey, we follow international quality standards, we care about the environment and we make sure of our workers’ safety. Our company as a tower clock producer and more, has a wide product portfolio that you can check by contacting us. We work tirelessly to create a brilliant team that carry a modern human resources philosophy and aim for customer satisfaction; that has aimed to use the latest internet and communications technologies for rapid and endless data information flow and a authority needed to make desicions fast to apply the dynamic market conditions in our and our customers’ advantage.

Contact Us

You can contact us, a tower clock producer in Turkey, from our email adress or our phone number +90 212 485 05 35. You can also check out our other projects in other websites,,

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