What is a post clock?

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Imagine a place in your city that brings you comfort and peace. You have probably noticed that the environment and the aesthetics of the surroundings you are spending your free time have a great influence on your mood and satisfaction. On these lines, the purpose of a post clock is creating a positive and attractive atmosphere in the towns and cities. With almost 20 years of experience in manufacturing metal products, IS TIME is among the leaders in Turkey as a post clock manufacturer.

Enhancing the atmosphere of the cities

A post clock has two important aims. Firstly, it must be operative and guide people by showing them the true time of the day. Secondly, a post clock has a symbolic purpose of enhancing the aesthetics of its surroundings and becoming a landmark of that place or even in the city. An outdoor clock is a great accessory for parks, squares, institutional gardens, golf clubs and other places with outdoor activities. Very often, a post clock acts as a point of reference for a place and even becomes famous.

High-quality clock production

As these outdoor clocks are generally exposed to harsh environments, such as rainy or snowy weather, extreme heat, and even vandalism, the quality plays a vital role. IS TIME is a clockmaker Turkey that produces clocks of high standard quality, with resistant paint and glass and a long-living mechanism.

Various design

IS TIME is a post clock manufacturer Turkey with a wide range of choices and designs available for every environment and aesthetic requirements. We produce both modern and vintage designs and we make sure that our clock will get imprinted in people’s mind and memory when they see it on the streets. We manufacture clocks with 2 dials and with 4 dials, of different heights, sizes, colors, and inscriptions design.

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