Wall Clock Designs

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Whether we are talking about interior or exterior design, a wall clock will never fail to impress, catch people’s attention and fill their eyes with wonder and delight. Clocks, in general, are very sophisticated accessories that completely transform and add value to the design of the houses and other buildings. IS TIME is a wall clock manufacturer Turkey which has nearly 20 years of experience in clock production.

What is our aim?

We are committed to providing the best clocks to our customers, that exceed their expectations. Our aim is to transform plain and simple walls into small corners of art. A wall clock is a versatile and sophisticated accessory for homes and exterior buildings as well. A tower clock, an outdoor clock or a wall clock is a landmark for important and social buildings, such as universities, theatres, historical monuments, and even shopping centers.

Plenty of choices for everyone

IS TIME has something for everyone, no matter the aesthetic requests and preferences. Our portfolio includes a great range of wall clock designs, so you can find the perfect wall clock that suits and matches with your expectations in way of design. We produce customized clocks of different sizes, colors, and designs and we make sure that every single clock of ours is special and has the ability to enhance the souls of the buildings.

Always the quality

Since a wall clock is both a functional and a symbolic accessory, quality is a vital aspect of its production. We invest all of our experience and knowledge to create the best clocks that offer maximum accuracy in time-telling. The mechanism is specially designed to live for many years without reparations, while the components are durable and resistant to harsh environmental conditions such as very low or very high temperatures, rain, snow, and even vandalism. The dial is made of high-quality glass that does turn yellow over time.

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